Strategic Brand Intelligence - Carol Isozaki

  • Standing room only followed by a standing ovation at Worldwide ERC's global Conference — Carol is a MUST SEE for any leader
    — Robert B., Global Mobility Leader, The Walt Disney Company
  • Be careful in implementing Carol's suggestions, you might just find yourself transformed into not only a more confident and effective professional, but a more genuine and sincere person.
    — Tim R., Planning Giving Director, The Salvation Army
  • High impact, high integrity, passion, presence, great story telling, subject matter expertise and a big smile: this is Carol.
    — Nolwenn Godard, Director of Pricing Product, PayPal
  • Carol is an agent of change, delivering a powerful message. I learned so much in an hour-and-a-half, I can only imagine what she can do in her more comprehensive programs!
    — Orlena F., Open Source and Senior Corporate Counsel, NetApp, Inc.

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Carol electrified the audience on the last day of Dreamforce - an amazing close to the conference. She had the entire room on their feet shouting to show their 'target hands,' captivated them with her storytelling, and inspired them to build an achievable path to their leadership brand. In a jam-packed 40 minutes she kept the audience completely engaged, alternating delivering the presentation with energetic short partner exercises. Our attendees gave her the highest session scores I've ever seen and wrote in reviews like "Awesome interaction with the audience," "Favorite session this year!" "Life changing," and "Inspirational and effective mix of activities and listening." Her snackable takeaways will stay with you long after hearing her speak -- take it from someone who still thinks about her advice about "Who wants to get on your trolley?"

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As a client of Carol’s I can’t say enough. I’ve been working with her just short of a year and feel and see a big impact on how I take ownership of leading my Always Dream Foundation. Carol holds me accountable to challenge myself and push beyond my most “amazing”. All with her sweet, positive, smiling way. She also presented to our board of directors and I will say that Carol was fantastic and exceeded expectations from me and many on the board. It truly was the first time I felt and heard such a shift in their commitment and desire to be more engaged. Her personal belief in us and commitment is so apparent and really pulls people on board. I am always energized and motivated after my encounters with her. If you’re looking to elevate any area in your life, Carol is for you. Thank you Carol!

Strategic Brand Intelligence - Villy Wang

Carol is a one-of-a-kind intelligent, caring and effective professional that has the ability to connect deeply with everyone from CEOs, to Fortune 500 executives, scientists, accountants, lawyers, professors, non-profit organization executives or even young people with little experience in the job world. She is a great listener, a role model of her own practices, coach and advisor, connector, and brings her own personal story and experience to every conversation. I have seen her present in multiple settings with ease, and she is always prepared to address the specific needs and questions of diverse audiences, and of each person. 

I highly recommend Carol to anyone who is interested in learning more about how to be the most effective professional, leader, and human being during these very competitive and demanding times.

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When we planned our national sales training conference, we sought a creative, motivational keynote speaker who could help us set the tone for the meeting. After reviewing numerous speaker profiles, we selected Carol Isozaki and she was fantastic!

Carol invested the time to understand our priorities and design a custom keynote that matched our theme, contained meaningful substance, and exceeded expectations. She was thorough, easy to work with and connected her Plan To Be Amazing call-to-action to our key strategic messages around elevating engagement and igniting digital transformation across the firm.

As a speaker, Carol is inspiring, energetic and real. She had 250 people fully engaged in her thought-provoking, interactive, and highly motivational message that catalyzes a higher, sustainable level of accountability and leadership. Her Plan to Be Amazing theme really resonated with the team and the feedback matched her message - everyone thought she was amazing!

I highly recommend Carol as a genuine, entertaining, inspiring, and game-changing speaker for any venue.

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We have worked with Carol on several engagements and I can say without hesitation that she continuously exceeds expectations. Carol has the ability to make a tremendous impact in a short period of time—regardless of audience.  Her message is incredibly effective. We have consistent feedback from our business leaders and employees noting they're experiencing lasting impact from Carol's work. I look forward to continuing to work with Carol on our individual and group development needs and consider her a trusted and valued partner.

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Carol Isozaki is an inspirational speaker whose Plan to Be Amazing leadership workshops are transformative. I do not say this lightly. I have seen people I coached and mentored for years over a specific issue change completely after a 4 hour session with her. She inspires people to look within themselves and find what holds them back; her words have deep resonance whether they are unsure of themselves or looking to grow their leadership voice. Carol also spoke at the Women in Product Conference, and it was one of the highest rated sessions. It was a room of over 800 attendees, and she energized and empowered those in the audience as if she was speaking to them individually. Many women who walked out after her talk spoke of how they would make immediate changes thanks to her words. She is flexible, collaborative, and I cannot recommend her enough.

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Carol Isozaki has been the opening presenter for the Braden Leadership Speaker Series at Golden Gate University for over 6 years and what she does in a 1-hour presentation leaves the audience speechless, asking for more, and ready to transform to achieve their highest and best potential. Her phenomenal program energizes and empowers her audiences to dramatically reimagine how they engage and add high-impact value in any room, thus allowing them to truly showcase their talents and own their destination. Her energy and message are powerful and much needed in a very competitive job market.

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I have participated in two of Carol’s trainings “plan to be amazing” which were focused on leadership and communication skills to unlock potential you already have and maximize impact. I immediately benefited from this training despite entering the workshop very skeptical of these types of trainings in general. Carol is unique in the coaching world in that she literally makes a connection with everyone in the room and engages in such a way that you both learn from her words and see how powerful the lesson is in action. After one session, I went from being a person very skeptical of management & leadership type trainings to making my “PTBA” plan and recommending her to my colleagues. I highly recommend Carol to any group as the message is something that would benefit anyone, most of all high achievers who, with small tweaks, can go from good to great.

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I heard Carol speak at a Dreamforce session on women's leadership and she was amazing! Never have I witnessed 100% of the audience (not 90%, not 95%; literally every single person in the room) so motivated, pumped up, and ready to make a difference, as I did after 40 minutes of listening to and participating with Carol! She delivers an in-your-face message with an ease and laid back manner that gets everyone’s attention from the first second and never lets it go. She is, without a doubt, making the world better and inspiring everyone she speaks with to be his/her best and make a difference! PTBA (Plan to be Amazing!) – I’m on board! Thank you, Carol!

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As a tax team leader at Pricewaterhousecoopers, I had the pleasure of working with Carol for several years. In her roles as coach and personal brand subject matter expert, Carol delivered tremendous value to all levels within our organization. Her approach is collaborative, innovative, and strategic, focused on elevating both individual and organizational performance. In addition, her passion for people development, combined with her effective coaching and presentation styles, provides for a distinctive, results-based experience. As a coach, Carol has an innate ability to communicate difficult messages in a way that allows people to embrace the feedback and to effect crucial change, particularly in situations where other coaching efforts have failed. I plan to continue to leverage Carol’s talents in the future, and I highly recommend her to anyone.

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Carol offers simple yet practical advice that you might think you already know. But knowing and doing are different. By providing stories and context, Carol creates reminders that are triggered by regular, day-to-day interactions, and that help you make the leap from knowing to doing. After one session with Carol, I started focusing on some of her “Plan to be Amazing” principles and saw immediate, tangible results. In addition to being a vibrant and engaging human, Carol offers tools and suggestions that can help you rethink your impact, and ensure that you are always leading with your best, amazing you.

Strategic Brand Intelligence - Testimonials

Listening to Carol's engaging message illuminated the ways I might unwittingly be limiting my reach and influence. And thankfully(!) it's not a negative blame-game; instead Carol cheerfully lays out a flexible framework for professionals to build on unique strengths and rise to meet challenges to leverage every opportunity presented. I heard Carol in a large group, but felt like she was delivering the message straight to me—I can only imagine how effective a one-on-one coaching session would be!