Strategic Brand Intelligence - Carol Isozaki

  • Standing room only followed by a standing ovation at Worldwide ERC's global Conference — Carol is a MUST SEE for any leader
    — Robert B., Global Mobility Leader, The Walt Disney Company
  • Be careful in implementing Carol's suggestions, you might just find yourself transformed into not only a more confident and effective professional, but a more genuine and sincere person.
    — Tim R., Planning Giving Director, The Salvation Army
  • Thanks to Carol, I now operate with a more strategic mindset, which has already started showing huge dividends to me and my markets.
    — Karena D., Senior License Consultant, Oracle
  • High impact, high integrity, passion, presence, great story telling, subject matter expertise and a big smile: this is Carol.
    — Nolwenn Godard, Head of Education, eBay Women in Technology
  • Carol is an agent of change, delivering a powerful message. I learned so much in an hour-and-a-half, I can only imagine what she can do in her more comprehensive programs!
    — Orlena F., Open Source and Senior Corporate Counsel, NetApp, Inc.

Strategic Brand Intelligence - Villy Wang

Carol is a one-of-a-kind intelligent, caring and effective professional that has the ability to connect deeply with everyone from CEOs, to Fortune 500 executives, scientists, accountants, lawyers, professors, non-profit organization executives or even young people with little experience in the job world. She is a great listener, a role model of her own practices, coach and advisor, connector, and brings her own personal story and experience to every conversation. I have seen her present in multiple settings with ease, and she is always prepared to address the specific needs and questions of diverse audiences, and of each person. 

I highly recommend Carol to anyone who is interested in learning more about how to be the most effective professional, leader, and human being during these very competitive and demanding times.

Strategic Brand Intelligence - Testimonials

Carol has been a critical part of developing my team and is a trusted advisor. She is great in partnering with me to understand my team's development needs and then working with my director to get to the next level. Carol's impact was simply amazing and I can't recommend her more strongly.



Strategic Brand Intelligence - Testimonials

Listening to Carol's engaging message illuminated the ways I might unwittingly be limiting my reach and influence. And thankfully(!) it's not a negative blame-game; instead Carol cheerfully lays out a flexible framework for professionals to build on unique strengths and rise to meet challenges to leverage every opportunity presented. I heard Carol in a large group, but felt like she was delivering the message straight to me—I can only imagine how effective a one-on-one coaching session would be!


Strategic Brand Intelligence - Testimonials

We've partnered with Carol to kick off the Business Leadership Speaker Series at Golden Gate University for the past three years and she has truly energized the students, staff, faculty and community members who attend. She has the ability to (quickly) get people thinking about the way they present themselves to the world and the way they want to be perceived. Not only that, she gets people to realize that they need to hold themselves accountable in every situation, and that, in order to be truly amazing, they have to acknowledge that they are 100% responsible for their actions and choice of attitude. 


Strategic Brand Intelligence - Testimonials

Inspiring! I participated in an event that Carol facilitated on personal strategy and branding and it was honestly one of the most useful career events I've attended in years. Carol's keen insights and personable demeanor made the event relevant with lots of immediately actionable ideas for the participants. Carol has a way of pointing out ingrained behaviors that go unnoticed by most, but when changed can totally shift the way we are perceived. Bravo to Carol for an excellent event!


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We have worked with Carol on several engagements and I can say without hesitation that she continuously exceeds expectations. Carol has the ability to make a tremendous impact in a short period of time—regardless of audience.  Her message is incredibly effective. We have consistent feedback from our business leaders and employees noting they're experiencing lasting impact from Carol's work. I look forward to continuing to work with Carol on our individual and group development needs and consider her a trusted and valued partner.


Strategic Brand Intelligence - Testimonials

Carol has the ability to deliver an 'eye-opening', and powerful message that resonates within, driving us towards exemplary leadership. She delivers in a creative yet simple format that reaches the audience, is very affable, and highly motivational. 

It was a pleasure to meet Carol and a privilege to be coached by her!